United for all Ages

United for All Ages is a think-do tank that aims to build a Britain for all ages. Britain is one of the most age segregated countries and this has many impacts from lack of mutual understanding and intergenerational strife to missed opportunities and wasted talent. 

By bringing younger and older people together we can tackle some of Britain's biggest issues from loneliness and ageism to care, housing, health and learning as well as creating stronger communities and workplaces and a stronger country.

Our focus has been on developing co-located shared spaces like care-home nurseries where young and old can share activities and experiences.

We also coordinate the Intergenerational Housing Network and promote different models of housing accommodating several generations together. That is why we are keen to back ForeverHomeUK to support the growing number of families that want to live in lifetime homes. Many older people also want to stay in their own homes and schemes like Homeshare enable them to do so by sharing their space with younger people.

It's time for a new approach to our homes and where we live. We look forward to sharing ideas and advice with the ForeverHomeUK network.


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